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Passion for EOS’ Passion Fruit

Since EOS has come into existence less than a decade ago, they have released a wide range of different flavors of lip balm for customers to choose from. This variety provides a great number of options for consumers to choose between, but can be overwhelming for those who are new to EOS and looking for a new flavor to adopt.


That was the position that I found myself in. I ended up falling into EOS after losing my Chapstick on the way to work and trying a new brand. I picked up their sweet mint flavor and noticed when using it that I only needed to apply it twice during the entire work day, as compared to the myriad number of applications of Chapstick.


A bit of research into EOS gave me the answer. EOS lip balm uses higher quality bases to their lip balms like shea butter as compared to the petroleum jelly used by Chapstick. The marginal higher cost is more than offset by the increased quality and less frequent applications needed. EOS is sourced from organic and all-natural sources and this shows in the flavor which is less synthetic tasting, hop here for more.


While the sweet mint did taste natural and not at all synthetic, it wasn’t the flavor I fell for. I’m not, after all, a lover of mint flavored items. That distinction would fall to the passion fruit flavor which was everything that I was looking for in a lip balm. Check this out.


EOS’ passion fruit flavor tastes tropical and exotic, but not unpleasantly so. Many tropical fruit flavored lip balms taste fake and have an underlying flavor of coconut, despite their name, but not the passion fruit flavor of EOS. The blend is distinct, tastes like actual passion fruit, and contains vitamin e which helps to protect your lips. More EOS here on


Would highly recommend the passion fruit lip balm offering from EOS for lovers of tropical fruit flavored items. See


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