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David McDonald Of OSI Group Sees Continued Growth And Continued Commitment To Customer Service As The Company’s Past And Future :

OSI Group is a food wholesale company that has been steadily growing since its founding in the early 20th century. By the 1970s OSI was expanding past the borders of North America where it already had a significant foothold with top rate accounts such as McDonald’s. The 70s saw the company start to expand out globally and really make the moves that have seen it grow into one of the largest company’s of its type in the world today. With 80 locations in 17 countries, OSI Group is a global food superpower. The large-scale expansion rally started when current CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin came on board full time with the company with a vision of making it into a worldwide name. By 1987 another piece of that expansion puzzle came on board with the hiring of David McDonald. David McDonald is currently the President as well as a sitting Board Member with OSI Group, but initially, he worked for the firm as a project manager with the task of helping the company to grow. You could say that David McDonald has stayed true to his roots with OSI. As President, he has presided over several exciting expansions and acquisitions in recent years.

2016 was a banner year for OSI Group in Europe. The company brought home the prestigious Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council in recognition of its outstanding commitment it has made to running operations that are environmentally sustainable. That same year, David McDonald presided over the acquisitions of British company Flagship Europe and its subsequent renaming under the Creative Foods Europe banner and also Baho Food, a Dutch company that enjoys a significant customer base across continental Europe. This additions to the OSI portfolio are real game changers for the firm in its critical European market and both company’s fit with OSI’s strengths very well. That same year the firm also pumped a large investment of money into its processing facility in Toledo, Spain in order to boost chicken production. Currently, the output has doubled as a result of the new production line that was put in.

David McDonald was also working behind the scenes to help secure the deal that led to the acquisition of the Australian company Turi Foods. This is a huge boost to OSI’s footprint in the Australian market.

It is clear, by observing these recent developments that OSI Group is still very much a company on the move. The company is proud to be able to make constant improvements to its already legendary customer service.

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Eastman Kodak Negative Report From Kerrisdale: Sahm Adrangi Believes

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and also a chief investment officer in Kerrisdale capital a management LLC. he is a firm developer of all the organizations since the year 2009 when it was founded. kerrisdale capital, an investment management which is under Sahm Adrangi and it focuses on events driven situations which have a special and also a long-term investment in their value. In addition, he also worked for Longacre fund management as the organization’s investment analyst. He also had a chance to work for Bankruptcy Restructuring Group that was located in Chanin capital partner. He acted as creditors adviser. He also recruited, assigned and acted as the bank debtor holders representative together with bondholders. He was the preferred equity committee, where he distressed the creditors and also the bankrupt companies.

More to that in his career, he has also worked in finance leveraged for Deutsche Bank. Sahm Adrangi helped in syndication and structuring of non -investment where he also brought high yield bonds in the bank that included financing a leveraged buyout which is in chapter 11 of debt refinancing and also exit financings.

Sahm Adrangi went for a formal education and garnered economics skills. After attending Yale University, he was awarded an Arts degree in Economics

The person acting as the private investment manager at Kerrisdale Capital published a report that was negative in nature trying to explain the short position that was at Eastman Kodak company. It had imaged on how the stock has raised in 187 percent since there was an announcement of the partnership in launching blockchain- that was enabling photo-centric cryptocurrency and also licensing a platform image. Kerrisdale also believed that the announcements were hollow and were meant to attempt to withdraw the ICO craze that had nothing to do with unsustainable capital and poor fundamentals of offset kodaks.

Kerrisdale organization had a position in the company that was short where the company stood and benefited when the share price went down.

The company, Kerrisdale made a call conference that was scheduled to be hosted on 7th February, a Wednesday at 10:30. the main theme will be discussed in the matter regarding the Kodak report.

Shervin Pishevar Talks Competing Zones

Throughout his career, the co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One, Shervin Pishevar, has made a career of handpicking bonafide upstarts, and many of his contemporaries might consider him to be clairvoyant in this respect. Shervin Pishevar has been an early investor on companies such as Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Rapportive, TaskRabbit, and Slack, as well as a litany of other growing corporations. No stranger to social media, Mr. Pishevar often utilizes the medium to forecast his predictions to a mass audience, and recently, after disappearing from the public eye since December of 2017, he returned to Twitter to dispatch 50 posts regarding globalism, the uncertainty surrounding America’s economic situation, entrepreneurship, and changes within the monetary system. Considering his track record, as well as his status as a member of the prestigious J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, his opinions are highly respected.

One of the most important tweets that Shervin Pishevar produced was regarding the state of the stock market, which, to this point, has been very shaky, relinquishing much of the gains garnered this year. The University of California, Berkeley alum boldly predicted that the stock market is due to crash, in what he estimates will amount to a 6000 point deficit. This prediction only took one day to begin shaking up the industry, as the Dow Jones promptly fell  by 1000 points, losing 500 of those in under an hour, which made staunch supporters, such as the President of the United States, Donald Trump, seem very much out of the loop. Shervin Pishevar wasted no time calling out the “Cheerleader-in-Chief,” tweeting that “Presidents should not be cheering the stock market,” and immediately began hashtagging the phrase, “TrumpDump.”

Shervin Pishevar would also touch on the subject of global competition regarding the stock market, revealing his view that the United States was losing ground when compared to a number of other major players, particularly China. Describing the changes as a “tectonic shift,” Shervin Pishevar discussed Silicon Valley’s loss of its historical competitive edge, as many of the other zones around the world are now flourishing through their adoption of the American way.

Ronald Fowlkes

The tactical gear industry carries a plethora of products that are designed for individuals who practice tactics and strategy. This field covers the military, law enforcement, public officials, the government, security and even hobbyist who are hunters, paintball aficionados, etc. Tactical gear can include vests, boots, goggles, helmets, and tools that are used in saving lives and for general safety design. Individuals who train with tactical gear consider these products as life saving gear, like armor carriers, belts, weapon cases, chest rigs, harnesses, packs/bags, pouches/pockets, slings, and holsters. These varied types of tactical gear clothing will sooner or later help to protect the wearer in harsh environments. Eagle Industries is a premier leader in top quality tactical gear products.


Eagle Industries manufacturers, supplies, and produces various tactical products like holsters, rifle cases, gear bags, weapon slings and a great deal more. The Eagle Industries products carry a reputation for using the best materials and the strongest hardware anywhere. Their products must pass a rugged testing system in order to meet stringent tactical industry specifications and the dogmatic quality inspection of their top expert Ronald Fowlkes. Ronald Fowlkes joined Eagle Industries Unlimited in 2008 and leads its tactical gear productions into modern day innovations. Mr. Fowlkes is a distinguished war veteran who is now the development manager of tactical defense systems. He oversees the department of law enforcement and commercial products.


Mr. Fowlkes supervises the departmental teams on the proper use of tactical gears to ensure that the company is producing the best for military and law enforcement personnel in the U.S. and internationally. He also conducts product education to the company’s sales personnel, he travels making customer calls throughout the U.S., while demonstrating how tactical gear saves lives. Ronald further manages the product selections for sale and development.


Ronald Fowlkes has an impressive military and law enforcement background beginning with this promotional stint in the United States Marine Corp from 1989 to 1993. He received a military honor medal for his leadership in the Gulf War, he has radio encryption skills and skills as a modular universal laser equipment operator. Mr. Fowlkes worked for the Department of Defense in Iraq with the U.S. Army, with duties that included infantry operations in a combat zone, hostage rescue, post-blast analysis, tactical questioning of captured individuals, and more.


Fowlkes has also had a rewarding 13-year career with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis County Police Department. He led and taught SWAT teams in Urban warfare tactics, rifle testing, and defensive tactics.


Because of his meritorious tactical background career and innovative leadership and management skills, Ronald Fowlkes amassed additional global partnership contracts for Eagle Industries. Currently, Ronald Fowlkes lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and children. For a hobby and an interest which he loves, Ronald serves as a part-time sports instructor.


Sussex Healthcare: Better Services Expected With The Appointment Of New CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare company from the United Kingdom. It is a company that was established in 1985 to deal with the issues that affect the healthcare industry, especially in caregiving to the special groups in the society.

Sussex healthcare is committed to giving the best healthcare services to the people in their 20 care centers. Sussex Homes was established on the basis of providing more than just medical treatment. They aim to give everyone in the community a chance to live a healthy life which includes emotional, physical, mental and social health. With the services they provide, anyone seeking their services can be assured that they will get nothing short of the best. The company has everything needed to give the best care to their patients.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has invested in providing the best care. They have state of the art facilities which will enable them to live a good life, free of stress even if they are going through challenging time in life. The people who need the services of Sussex Healthcare are the disabled, the elderly, mentally challenged and those with learning disabilities. A huge number of the old people today are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer diseases. This situation has made the company focus on giving medical care that will help such people live a better life in their old age.


Sussex Healthcare has invested heavily in providing health care. They have trained their staff on how to handle the needs of each client. No one client needs are treated in the same manner as any other. Each case is treated with the uniqueness it deserves. The treatment in this facility is therefore specialized and designed to handle individual needs of patients. The staff in the company are educated and continues to pursue education so that they can remain updated on the developments in the industry. The healthcare industry is dynamic. The caregivers need to know what is happening in the industry and this can only happen when they take refresher courses on caregiving.

Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the best care to their patients. In an attempt to make their services even better, they have appointed a new CEO who has worked in the healthcare industry for a long time. The new CEO is expected to help the company as it restructures its operations. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO comes to the company with experience of about three decades.

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Sussex Healthcare Announces Amanda Morgan-Taylor As New CEO

In the healthcare industry, finding the right CEO can be a tricky task. Companies must find someone with a good business sense as well as an extensive background in healthcare. For Sussex Healthcare, finding the right CEO was their highest priority. And they recent selection of Amanda Morgan-Taylor shows that Sussex Healthcare is looking to make big moves in the healthcare delivery service.

With extensive experience in managing healthcare organizations in the past, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was an obvious top choice for Sussex Healthcare. Miss Taylor brings over three decades of experience in the healthcare field. And her expertise will help Sussex Healthcare continue to provide high-quality service to all of their facilities.

Working with the management team as well as the staff, nurses, and physicians, Miss Taylor will play a critical role in ensuring that each and every patient receives the best care. That includes residents as well as the non-resident patients who receive rehabilitation services from Sussex Healthcare.

Among the duties of Miss Taylor include ensuring that the staff is kept up to date on their training, inspecting each facility to ensure compliance and coordinating with the Joint Chairmans, Dr. Shafik Sachedina BDS as well as Mr. Shiraz Boghani FCA, on the goals and the long-term vision of the healthcare company.


Sussex Healthcare is the premier healthcare delivery company with facilities and locations all over the Sussex area. The company received its accreditation for Health Quality Service in 2002. Since then, the company has received additional recognition and accreditation related to the company’s performance.

The primary service officed by Sussex Healthcare is the care for older people. In addition to elder care, Sussex Healthcare also offers Dementia Care, Neurological Care, as well as personalized care for people with learning disabilities. With a trained staff of specialist, Sussex Healthcare is able to offer a wide variety of long-term care to those who require specialized needs.

Sussex Healthcare facilities include Beechcroft Care Centre Norfolk Lodge, Orchard & Boldings Lodge, Beech Lodge, Wisteria & Stable Lodge, White Lodge, The Laurels, Horncastle Care Centre, Kingsmead Lodge and Rapkyns Care Centre. New Sussex Healthcare CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor will work closely with the administrator of each facility to ensure top quality care for each patient. As the need for long-term care grows, Sussex Healthcare will be ready to serve the community of Sussex for decades to come.

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Interactive Video Email And More The Future At Talk Fusion.

You may have seen in a news feed that a company called Talk Fusion is using a software called WebRTC to offer more to their product users. What you might not know is that this simple software and that award winning company are changing the way people are connecting with their clients, customers and business neighbors. Using the products that Talk Fusion offer to people around the world is like getting a glimpse into the future on so many levels.


Using email is not new to many people. It seems that since the invention of the internet many people use the emails with ease, but, what is new is that more and more people are getting and even sending video messages in that same email inbox. This was not possiable a few short years ago. Talk Fusion brought that very concept to life when Bob Reina the company CEO and Founder wanted to send some a short video and was told by his email company it was not even possible. Bob set out to change that and Talk Fusion was created. Now that same company is using WebRTC to do even more.


Video conferencing technologies are changing all the time and Talk Fusion keeps in top of this growing trend. People want to be able to host live meetings and Talk Fusion is using WebRTC to make that happen. With the new software in place, using the Talk Fusion platform just about anyone can sit down and host an online meeting with 15 other presenters and about 500 guests who can watch. Just imagine how beneficial that is to every business owner who needs to connect with virtually anyone at anytime. Having access to a software that helps make that connection at the drop of a hat or push of a button is priceless.


As a leader in the global communications industry, Talk Fusion offers a unique suite of video tools under one roof. Video calling, forms to keep your website visitors informed, video emails, video newsletters and much more. Talk Fusion is a direct marketing company who allows and encourages others to start their own business branch by offering their useful service to others who could use it. Talk Fusion has made it easy to make the most of your email and found a way to include an important video message to others around the world. Using the WebRTC software was smart of the part of Talk Fusion because it does not require any other software to work. As a result the view can click and connect with no need to download anything and no need to install anything extra. Learn more:


Mike Baur Discusses Three Philosophies For Starting Businesses

It’s often easy to think about what a business will do as it starts up and the capital it needs to grow, but Mike Baur, a professional who invests in startups says you need to adhere to three philosophies when doing so. Baur says it must be you who makes every opportunity for it to happen. Whether that’s going out to assemble your management team, undertaking the technical developments or financing, it’s up to you to do the legwork. Second, Baur says every business has to be ready to adapt to sudden changes because for every business that disrupts an industry, another will be founded that disrupts even more. If your business can adapt quickly, you’ll be ready for it. And finally, taking risks and not being afraid of failure is important because businesses that change the world do not have safety nets. Plus, their investors are taking a risk on them.


Mike Baur became a business startup investor after leaving the banking profession behind. Banking was what he knew for most of his life having started it while still only in high school. A human resources manager at UBS Bank where his internship started told him if he followed a chart on a sheet of paper that he would get to various positions over a period of time, and then he’d reach retirement. Baur kept that chart and was staying the course for many years, and not only did he get promoted several times, he even earned the commendation of UBS’s board of directors. But some unexpected things happened when Baur was 17 years into his banking career including the recession which brought about his departure from UBS. He went to Clariden Leu Bank where he got an even better position as head manager of credit, but even this was not enough to curb the realization that Switzerland was changing and people didn’t look at banking the way they used to. Baur officially left the bank offices in 2014 never to return.


Mike Baur had a whole new plan to use the knowledge he had picked up in banking to fund companies that students and anyone with the desire to grow a business could start. After meeting with various university professors, venture capital firms, marketing media companies and other business leaders, Baur formed the Swiss Startup group and had the facility of the Swiss Startup Factory funded. This company has a unique acceleration approach that uses three months of training and mentoring to get a startup funded and operating from an office. Baur’s company has an extensive list of companies it has put through its portfolio.


Rodrigo Terpins: Joining Competitions with his Brother

Rally driving is taking a new path in Brazil. More people are becoming interested in the said sport, and car enthusiasts are competing against each other to become the best in the country. One of those involved in the sport is Rodrigo Terpins, a popular rally driver. He is the son of Jack Terpins, who used to play for the Brazilian basketball team decades ago. He is also the brother of Michel Terpins, another rally driving enthusiast who is also joining competitions locally and internationally. Together, the brothers are known for their extensive driving skills, and because they are showing cooperation, the two can easily win competitions around the globe.

According to Rodrigo Terpins, rally driving has become one of his most favorite pastimes. He has been in driving when he was younger, and he also revealed that their father is very supportive of their dreams to become professional rally drivers. He also added that it was his father who trained him on how to become one of the best rally drivers in the country. Whenever Rodrigo Terpins is taking a break from driving high-speed vehicles, he would manage the businesses under his name, making sure that it is performing well. He focuses on his business and carefully analyzing the patterns that can greatly affect how his business is performing.

Rodrigo Terpins is also known for his philanthropic works, says, especially those which are related to his sport. Whenever a competition is held somewhere in Brazil, Rodrigo Terpins, along with his brother Michel, would take a trip around the country to see the condition of the place where the tournament will be held. He wanted to make sure that the community will be benefiting from the sport, which is why he provides them with the necessities that he is giving through the foundations that he trusts. They are providing the population with some of the basic requirement in life that they need, including food, shelter, and clothing. Rodrigo has a big heart, and he always wanted to win the rally driving competition to bring back the pride for his country.

Paul Wesley

Born in New Jersey in 1982 as Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski and known professionally as Paul Wesley since 2005, Paul has one older and two younger sisters. He spent several months each summer of his childhood in Poland where his parents immigrated from. he speaks fluent Polish, in addition to English.

paul wesley
During Mr. Wesley’s junior year in high school he was cast as Max Nickerson on the soap opera Guiding Light. He changed schools several times to accommodate his acting schedule, graduating in 2000. He began college at Rutgers University. Due to the offer of several acting roles, he only finished one semester. He has appeared in several films, becoming known world-wide from his role in the “Vampire Diaries” series which premiered in 2009.

paul wesley

In 2014, he had his first chance to co-produce and costar in “Before I Disappear”, a full length adaptation of the Oscar-winning short film “Curfew” written by one of his closest friends, Shawn Christianson. The two had decided it would make a great full feature before winning the Oscar, but winning definitely helped with the fund raising for “Before I Disappear”.

paul wesley

Also filmed in 2014, Mr. Westley costarred in “Amira and Sam”, a film about the unlikely romance between an army veteran and an Iraqi immigrant faced with deportation. Paul plays the main character’s cousin as crooked Wall Street employee doing questionable, if not totally illegal, acts.

In 2016, he made his New York stage debute in “Cal in Camo”. Mr. Westley starred as a man who is dealing with the death of his wife by spending time with his sister and brother-in-law, who are having problems of their own. Each character is fighting their own demons. Mr. Westley gave a great performance and truly commanded the stage.