What Entrepreneurship Means for Sawyer Howitt

As the son of one of Portland’s most popular and successful entrepreneurs, it is no surprise that Sawyer Howitt is following the things that his father has done and making them even better. He is an entrepreneur who has been working to make a difference in the Portland area since he first started high school. Now that he is close to being done with high school, he is planning to go even further with his entrepreneurial career and make a difference in the company that his father owns, the Meriweather Group. The way that Sawyer Howitt has been able to work as an entrepreneur is going to have a direct influence over the different things that he can do while he is working for his father’s company. From creating innovative solutions to offering the ability to invest, Sawyer Howitt knows how it is to make money on his own terms.

One of the things that Sawyer Howitt has done to make money is creating a blog and offering advice for people. He mainly offers advice on racquetball because it is something that he is successful at. While he dives more deeply into the world of finances, though, he has started to offer advice on things like money, banking and how to be a young professional in a sea of traditional professionals. Sawyer Howitt has done what he can to monetize the blog that he has and to make himself more popular among the people who read his blog and are looking for information.

Along with the money that he makes from his own blog, Sawyer Howitt has also already made some investments. This is nearly unheard of for someone who is still in high school and it has set Sawyer Howitt apart from some of the other people who are in the same business as him. As Sawyer Howitt continues to grow his business and make things better for people who are doing different things, he plans to do even more investments. Similar to what he does with the Meriweather Group, Sawyer Howitt sees investing as a way to help and to make money for himself.

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