Strategic Business Marketing with Kenneth Goodgame

Working with experts, who are profusely endowed with market knowledge, is of the essence to help make a business productive and successful. Anything regarding sales and retail merchandising requires the handling of professionals to ensure efficacy. Intrinsically, that is the reason many individuals and businesses are opting to hire the True Value Company for its strong retail and sales merchandising expertise.

Kenneth Goodgame serves as the SVP CMO at True Value Company in addition to being a marketing, sales, and retail merchandising expert. Kenneth Goodgame has an extensive background of excellent relationships with versatile business owners. He has helped these entrepreneurs reliably to ensure their enterprises have a better position in the current competitive market. As a result, Goodgame comes highly recommendable for professional solutions to any marketing needs.

Sourcing services from experts, like those at True Value Company led by Kenneth Goodgame, does not only impact your business positively, but it also gives you reliable control over your business operations. Kenneth Goodgame has worked with various firms, which are among the leading in the industry. He has been of help in setting and executing efficient merchandising, sales and marketing plans to enable the enterprises to withstand the competition and outdo their competitors. It is of great significant to hire a professional that is peculiar to the marketing and merchandising needs of your business.

Predicting the future is almost impossible. However, when it comes to marketing, sales and retail merchandising, Kenneth Goodgame is better equipped with the current market trends and knowledge to ensure the future is a bright one. In marketing, Kenneth is endowed with the proper, most reliable ways of marketing and how to ensure your venture gets the maximum benefits from his marketing abilities. With an expert in your corner, you can rest assured that your business reaches and retains the top position in the markets.

However, Kenneth Goodgame has ensured that many businesses keep their clients flowing, and in large numbers to keep the enterprises operational, making profits. It is advisable to consult with the True Value Company and Ken Goodgame as well to hike your sales and profits alike.

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Don’t Get Into The Mud With Haters

Protection an online reputation is a very smart strategy. Business owners cannot allow a personal or professional reputation to suffer. If it does, then there are going to be some serious repercussions. Namely, customers are going to go elsewhere. No one wants to take a risk with a company that might not deliver a positive experience.

What can complicate a situation even more would be the arrival of online vindictiveness. “Haters” is the colloquial name given to those who like to spread negative things about others. There are a lot of reasons why people have a “hate on” for businesses. Honestly, paying too much attention to the reasons behind the hate is futile. Instead, it is a wiser plan to follow through what is suggesting. The smart article suggests a few ways to deal with hate.

One bit of advice is something that few probably even thought about. Namely, a business owner could use the rude public commentary to draw attention to giving customers something of greater value. Instead of making a rebuttal to the haters, simply connect with the customers instead.
Who should the business owner ignore? The haters should absolutely ignored. Do not make the terrible mistake of getting “into the mud” with haters. The end result won’t be a pleasing one.

The problems haters cause online do have to be addressed. False or malicious things published online have to be buried. is a company that specializes in removing bad search results. With the help of, the damage caused by haters could be reduced.

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Impact Made By Securus Technologies via Video Conferencing

Prisons are correction institutions where inmates are rehabilitated before they return to the society. It offends all forms of morality when children cannot access their parents who are away in prison. I know that parents play a significant role in the development of their children. I know for a fact that every parent wants to witness the various stages of their children as they grow up. The first step, first speech, and first school day matter a lot to parents. Incarcerated or not parents should have the opportunity of interacting with their children. I hold two conflicting opinions on this issue. My first opinion is that video visitation is just videos and do not give the physical contact and comfort that is brought by actual visitation. My other take is the stark realization that some families cannot afford to move across states to visit their loved ones. Small children cannot be brought to jails to visit their fathers. I think that video visitation will go a very long way in helping children bond with their parents. Through the comfort of my home, I can log into Securus servers easily. I tend to think parents behind bars are stressed since they cannot access their children. It would break anyone’s heart not to see their kids. Children are also given the opportunity to talk privately to their parents regarding a myriad of issues.

I hold the opinion that Securus technologies wants to keep the bond between children and their parents operative even after incarceration. I applaud the various efforts being taken by Securus technologies to balance actual visitation and video conferencing. I discovered that the messages are recorded and then transmitted through the telecommunications company’s servers. I appreciate the various efforts put by Securus Technologies to bolster their service provision. I know for a fact that the firm is very mindful of the perception people have of the industry and would not tolerate other undercutting companies. On various occasions, it has stood out and highlighted various injustices committed by other enterprises in the sector a few months ago secures obtained the services of John Bell who is a renowned inventor and sales genius. I am awed by the strides being made by the company and know for a fact that it has just begun.

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Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.