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Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning acquired Walton’s Heating and Air three months ago. This is a family owned HVAC company that is based in Southern California. The announcement of the deal did not disclose any financial details. This acquisition enables Goettl to solidify a presence in California. It has locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. This allows Walton’s Heating and Air company to expand beyond what Todd Longbrake could do on his own. Longbrake is the owner of Walton’s Company. He said that he managed to grow the family-owned business as far as he could, but it remained stagnant. Goettl was interested in acquiring Walton’s as early as 2015, but Longbrake was reluctant to consider the deal. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Longbrake decided to give it a chance after hearing promising comments about Goettl and Ken Goodrich from some employees in the HVAC industry. Walton’s Company began to record a ten-fold growth index after finalizing the acquisition in mid-2015. Major changes were introduced after the acquisition. Goodrich maintained Longbrake as a sales manager and field supervisor. Longbrake was assimilated into Goettl Company’s culture and was recognized as a leader within the entire organization. You can check out to see more.

According to Norcal News, the acquisition was completed two years ago, but the announcement was delayed until July 2017. This was due to the marketing complications and operational issues within Walton’s. Longbrake was convinced to partner with Goettl Air Conditioning because it is a pioneer industry with a reputable legacy. Gust and Adam Goettl established Goettl Company. They worked together and designed refrigerated AC unit and Phoenix area’s first evaporative cooler to regulate the severe desert temperature. Goettl brand has become the most trusted and leading name in the industry since then. It managed to go through decades of changes in technology successfully.

Goettl ensures that every customer gets value for their money when they decide to work for the company. Goettl pride itself in accomplishing their job as expected and satisfying their customers. They have employed highly skilled employees. Their policy is to continuously train technicians to design premium and unique products and services that you would hardly find in any other place. They are able to achieve this because every technician at the company is “Sadie Certified.” They also pass a thorough drug and background test to their employees. Every job that is secured in the company comes with a free Goettl flashlight. No other company does air conditioning better than Goettl does.

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