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Brian Torchin: A Man of Great Heights

Brian Torchin is a skilled entrepreneur and healthcare veteran. Originally, Torchin began as a chiropractic physician and through a systematic business operation, he was able to create a medical staffing organization for offices needing workers. Torchin’s company provides a valuable experience not only in the chiropractic industry but also in fields such as physical therapy amongst other medical jobs.

His company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) offers highly qualified members. In addition, they personally counsel and aid applicants to maximize their ability. They want to ensure that applicants love their program.

Brian Torchin is very determined to provide his customers with the best that the industry had to offer in terms of service and employees. In fact, the business model he follows is precise and works specifically to provide for the employees and customers. This determination is one of the reasons as to why he is a successful entrepreneur today.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin’s objective is to operate and make his business efficient and methodical all the while maintaining a strong connection to internal and external members of the company.

With a man as great as Brian Torchin, it is expected that he is busy at all hours. Moreover, he has approximately 200 customers of different accommodations in places such as the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and even Asia.

However, even with these businesses in different parts of the world, Torchin manages his time efficiently by allowing himself to have conversations with other individuals. In addition, he oversees the company’s main blog; he writes varying articles ranging from lists to his company information.

Work ethic has to be one of Brian Torchin’s main attributes as is evidenced by his company’s growth to various locations around the globe and customer satisfaction. He has an uncanny ability to understand the complex staffing affair and how to proficiently handle it.

His unwavering want to provide great experiences to both his employees and customers makes him a member any community would desire to have.

Without caring and trusting, it is almost impossible to succeed in the entrepreneurship world and Brian Torchin definitely displays those qualities.

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Alexandre Gama, Man of all Trades

As the old time saying goes, “follow your passion”. For the Brazilian entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama, following one passion was not enough. This creative entrepreneur has had success throughout different avenues in his life. His advertising career started in the year 1982 as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather. In 1999, Gama created his own advertising agency naming it, Neogama. Years passed and Alexandre Gama began to pursue a new career. A career in music. Gama founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar project in 2014. This project promoted the best acoustic guitar players from Brazil and was even invited to share his work at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Today, Gama is the CEO and CCO of Neogama, which became one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama is now known as a professional in the communications and advertising industry.


Nathaniel Ru And His Startup Called Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is the newest name in fast food, and it is a fresh place with fresh ingredients. The company is using a unique business model that values ingredients and fresh food over the cooked and processed foods that are found at other fast food restaurants. There are many different people who will benefit from what Sweetgreen does, and they will find that the restaurant allows them to eat in-line with their lifestyle. Learn more:


#1: What Is Sweetgreen All About?


Sweetgreen wants to move at the speed of a fast food restaurant while not using the traditional ingredients from a fast food restaurant. They know that the customers who come through the door are expecting a new type of food, and they serve a menu that is nothing like what one would expect. Nathaniel Ru and his staff have worked quite hard to build something different, and they are certain that they will attract a unique customer base.


#2: Why Is Sweetgreen Important?


Obesity and unhealthy eating in America are on the rise, and someone who is not eating well today may begin eating at Sweetgreen. They will find fast food that helps them go about their day, but they are not eating food that is bad for them. Sweetgreen is the best of both worlds, and it will challenge traditional fast food restaurants that are serving food with less health benefits.


#3: Why Is The Company Popular?


Healthy lifestyles are growing every day simply because people have information online. They may look up ways to eat better, and they are making better choices when they leave the house. It is an easy choice to make when someone is not waiting for long periods of time, and there are many people who simply choose this restaurant because it is the only place where they may keep to their diet.


#4: The Design Of The Store


Sweetgreen is designed in a modern style to entice the customer. They know that they must keep the attention of the customer, and they have built an establishment that people will want to hang out in. Sweetgreen may become the new favorite local haunt for many young customers. Learn more:


Sweetgreen is a place where Nathaniel Ru has ensured that all his customers may eat well. They serve fresh ingredients to everyone, and they make their food quickly. This restaurant will pose a threat to the traditional fast food joints of today.


Civil, Human and Migrant rights

Most of the organizations across the world are dedicated to supporting human, civil, and migrant rights. Their primary objective is to end the abuse of human right. Two of such organizations are discussed below.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-government organization that advocates for human, civil, and migrant rights. The organization has more than 7 million members and supporters across the world. The primary objective of the organization is to carry out research and generate actions that prevent the abuse of human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Amnesty International was established in 1961 in London by Peter Benenson. Amnesty International draws its attentions to the factors that abuse human rights. It also campaigns for compliances with the international standards and laws.

The organization works hard by mobilizing public opinion so as to put pressures on governments that allow the abuse of human rights. It consider capital punishment as one of the irreversible of human and civil rights. Its campaign against torture made it won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. In 1978, Amnesty International won the United Nations Prize, which was in the human rights category. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

Amnesty International consists of a group of paid professionals and voluntary members. In the countries where the presence of Amnesty International is felt, members are structured as sections. Each of these sections has board members and board of directors. In countries where sections do not exist people are allowed to join as international members.

Human Rights First

Human Rights First is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that advocates for human rights. It is currently based in Washington D.C and New York City. Since its foundation in 1978, Human Rights First has put its focus on the protection of the right of refugees and support of the defenders of the human rights across the world. It started as a lawyer-to-lawyer network and has grown into a program for human rights defenders.

Human Rights First based is work on the principle that the protection of human rights should apply universally. Therefore, protection of human rights should extend to every person in the world. Furthermore, Human Rights First depends on international diplomacy and law to advance its process of advocacy. It also comprehends that the start of long-term change depends on the society itself.

Human Rights First is working hard to create an international system that is capable of prosecuting the worse crimes against human rights. It also campaigned for the stop of supply of firearms to Sudan. It is the objective of Human Rights First to stop crimes against humanity even if they are still happening.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The people behind Frontera Fund are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who are the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They dedicated the settlement money to fund organizations that support migrant rights in Arizona. The settlement money was as a result of a wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two journalist were arrested in the middle of the night after revealing the jury proceedings that was interfering with the information on articles describing the Sheriff. The settlement amount was equivalent to $3.75 million, and Larkin & Lacey decided to put the money into Frontera Fund. The idea was to support organizations that advocate for migrant, human, and civil rights.

What Entrepreneurship Means for Sawyer Howitt

As the son of one of Portland’s most popular and successful entrepreneurs, it is no surprise that Sawyer Howitt is following the things that his father has done and making them even better. He is an entrepreneur who has been working to make a difference in the Portland area since he first started high school. Now that he is close to being done with high school, he is planning to go even further with his entrepreneurial career and make a difference in the company that his father owns, the Meriweather Group. The way that Sawyer Howitt has been able to work as an entrepreneur is going to have a direct influence over the different things that he can do while he is working for his father’s company. From creating innovative solutions to offering the ability to invest, Sawyer Howitt knows how it is to make money on his own terms.

One of the things that Sawyer Howitt has done to make money is creating a blog and offering advice for people. He mainly offers advice on racquetball because it is something that he is successful at. While he dives more deeply into the world of finances, though, he has started to offer advice on things like money, banking and how to be a young professional in a sea of traditional professionals. Sawyer Howitt has done what he can to monetize the blog that he has and to make himself more popular among the people who read his blog and are looking for information.

Along with the money that he makes from his own blog, Sawyer Howitt has also already made some investments. This is nearly unheard of for someone who is still in high school and it has set Sawyer Howitt apart from some of the other people who are in the same business as him. As Sawyer Howitt continues to grow his business and make things better for people who are doing different things, he plans to do even more investments. Similar to what he does with the Meriweather Group, Sawyer Howitt sees investing as a way to help and to make money for himself.

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Madison Street Capital Facilitates Success

The Madison Street Capital reputation has grown further with their recent award from The M&A Advisor. They were recognized for one intricate M&A deal to which they lent their considerable expertise and brought about a successful union of companies. They were declared the winner of the 9th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards, M&A DEAL OF THE YEAR (under $25 million). The Dowco Group acquired Acuna & Asociados S.A. The awards were presented at a black-tie affair along with the 2017 International Financial Forum.

Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway expressed his gratitude for the award and declared it to be a challenging endeavor. Over 260 companies were vying for the award and Madison stood out from a strong field. They were also a finalist in some other categories as well. They were as follows, Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, Professional Services (B-to-B) Deal of the Year and Corporate/Strategic Deal of the Year ($10MM – $50MM).

Madison Street Capital is a specialist when it comes to intricate, complicated business undertakings. They combine this expertise with an ability to help clients gain access to credit, and they provide financial advice to determine the most advantageous way for companies to expand. Company valuation and merger consulting fall within their sphere as well.

With an operation that spans three continents, North America, Asia, and Africa, Madison is well versed in international business dealings. Their experience is considerable in many growing fields such as Technology and Healthcare to name just a couple from an extensive list. They focus primarily on middle market companies where they have excelled in their years of experience.

One recent client of theirs was Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. Acting as their exclusive financial advisor, Madison Street Capital helped them obtain a line of credit to expand their business. Maintenance Systems Management is a contract firm which provides custodial, janitorial and maintenance services. They spoke approvingly regarding the services that Madison provided.

Trugolf Inc. is a good example of the diverse range of companies that Madison Street Capital provides business expertise to. They sell golf simulation software, virtual golf simulation hardware, and contents. Madison helped them obtain a 2 million dollar line of credit. Trugolf also spoke highly of Madison Street Capital and were very satisfied with the outcome of their business relationship. With Madison’s help, they were able to develop their E6 Cloud Software to use with a variety of platforms. Madison Street Capital is adept at facilitating success.



The Most Interesting Flavor Combinations of EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is world renowned for its line of deliciously smelling and tasting lip balms that come in brightly colorful balls that twist open in the middle to reveal a fun ball of balm. The company made waves in the market 7 years ago as a disrupting brand when it dared to defy the tiny balm tube that seemed to be all that could be found. It quickly began to grab prime placement in stores like Walgreens and CVS and later became the “it” balm of celebrities and beauty bloggers alike. Check EOS page.


Typically, EOS Balms combine two flavors that create an absolutely delicious juxtaposition that is a treat for 3 senses: touch, smell and taste. The combinations are clearly carefully thought out. Below are some of the favorite and most interesting flavor combinations EOS has released to date.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew. These two things really should go together in all things, it sounds like a perfect summer cocktail combination. Both flavors are mellow and sweet with a wonderful scent. The two mix together fabulously and provide a soft feeling and an incredible taste that isn’t overly sweet but both earthy and fruity at the same time.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry. This combination may not seem very interesting, but the combination of the tang of raspberry mixed with the deeply rich sweetness of pomegranate has a wonderful taste and smell that feels almost exotic in its flavor. See for more.


  1. Sweet Mint. While “sweet” isn’t technically a flavor, it is an interesting combination of mint, which typically can be a bit harsh and “mouthwash-like” and a delicious sweetness that tones down the mint to a perfect mixture.


  1. Strawberry Sorbet. This combination is a natural one, but EOS takes a great spin on it by not making it overly taste just like an ice cream, but taste like a fusion of a bright juicy strawberry and the mellow creaminess of a sorbet, shop here.


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Ensuring a Brighter Future with Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1990 and has continued to dominate the life alternative credit industry. Highland Capital Management was formed from two business partners taking their idea for Highland Capital Management and merging in with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This new business featured fixed income markets and included senior secured bank loans.



The Beginning

Highland Capital Management began to evolve in 1993 by turning the original Protective Life Insurance Corporation into a Protective Asset Management Company or PAMCO. This newly evolved company focused on investment advising. This business venture thrived and in 1997, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. was created and registered as an independent advisor. This name eventually changed to Highland Capital Management, and this is the name most people know the company by today.



Continued Expansion

Highland Capital Management has continued to do very well for itself with investment advising, and in 2000 the first bank loan fund was launched to massive success. The same year, Highland Capital Management also launched the alternative investment 40 Act platform. In 2004, Highland Capital Management passed another growth milestone by purchasing two floating rate funds from Columbia Asset Management. This company has continued to grow and opened a Singapore office in 2008 and a Seoul office in 2011.



Philanthropy Work

Highland Capital Management has a track record of working with many non-profit organizations and charities. They have donated over 10 million dollars to various groups and projects so far. Some of the groups Highland Capital Management works with are Uplift Education, American Heart Association, Reserve Aid, Capital for Kids, Snowball Express, and Education Freedom. They believe that by nurturing the minds of the next generation, the future will be a much brighter place.


Highland Capital Management will continue to exceed expectations in the investment advisor field. They have a long history of giving back to non-profits and education funds. This company will continue to expand and do great things in the future, and they will be around, making a difference for years to come.

Highland Capital Management Donated Grant to Assist Victims of Family Violence

In October 2016, Highland Capital Management’s co-founder and President James Dondero, announced that his company had contributed $1 million to boost the financial needs of The Family Place. This is a leading organization based in Dallas, TX, which helps victims of domestic violence. The organization was targeting to raise close to $3 million for its Legacy Campaign. Mr. Dondero made this announcement at The Family Place’s event held at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. The grant by HCM was to be channeled through its philanthropic affiliate, Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc.


Why Highland Capital Management Awarded the Grant


According to Mr. James Dondero, the company decided to assist The Family Place raise the fund after authorities in Dallas including the Mayor and Police Chief requested the community to assist in solving violence issues in the area. He further added that civic organizations in Dallas played critical role, and in particular The Family Place through various philanthropic supports. The organization planned this campaign from initial to final stages in only one year. The CEO of The Family Place Paige Flink, said this was an opportunity for anyone in the region willing to offer life-changing support to victims of domestic violence.


About James Dondero


James Dondero is a prominent business executive and entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993, and has more than three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets, where he has been focusing largely on distressed and high-yield investments. Highland Capital Management was the pioneer in the formation of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLOs), and also credit oriented solutions for both individual and institutional investors.


James Dondero also serves as the Chairman of CCS Health, Conerstone Healthcare and Nexbank. The executive is also a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Before co-founding HCM, Dondero was CIO at Protective Life, a GIC subsidiary, helping the company grow to over $2 billion in asset under management from 1989-1993. Dondero studied at the University of Virginia majoring in Finance and Accounting. In addition, he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and is allowed to use CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation.

Singular Chicago Destination Venues

If you’re looking for the perfect venue in Chicago try something that gives the city its life. Instead of the usual hotel or country club, try booking your wedding at the Crystal Gardens or Brookfield Zoo!

The live palm trees that tower up to the arched glass ceiling and twinkling lights adds that fairy tale touch to the Gardens that every bridal party looks for. Set against the picturesque view of the lakefront and the famous Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, it doesn’t get more quintessentially Chicago than this destination venue.

Brookfield Zoo adds an adventurous and beautiful flair to any wedding. Brookfield, which is constantly renovating to have beautiful habitats that its host of animals loves, offers singular experiences like Underwater Dolphin Cocktails and a reception at the Swan Pavilion. An iconic Chicago wedding venue, the staff are no strangers to providing superb service.

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