A Todd Lubar Perspective on Smart Homes

The Smart Homes hype began as early as the late 1930’s when George Bucher’s article envisioned the phenomenon. George described homes that had smart commands that could enhance the functioning of appliances in the house. Over seventy years later, Smart Homes are still an exciting topic, only this time they are a reality. Door bells, remote controlled air conditioning systems, and cameras are slowly becoming popular in our homes. The current Smart Home inventions are even mind blowing, with voice enable systems that can communicate to the home and can help you with chores.

Smart Homes have not only revolutionized modern life but also allowed for inclusivity. Today, people abled differently can use the Smart Home gadgets to help them perform simple duties other than depending on others. They can also move freely around the house and use tailored facilities.

Todd Lubar follows the Smart Home trends keenly. Other than being fascinated by the Smart Home trends, he believes that we are yet to see the best of Smart Homes. As an investor in this market, Todd confirms that incorporating Smart Homes technology increases its market value. TDL Global Ventures, Todd’s enterprise, reinstates spaces to quality affordable homes for families.

His experiences motivated his quest to venture into the real estate industry as a mortgage finance professional. Todd saw the opportunity to develop houses that met customer needs but at a reasonable cost. His firm is in Baltimore Area that offers lower cost housing options compared to other cities. Todd Lubar targets entrepreneurs and young professionals who are tech savvy. He has built strong relationships and partnerships with stakeholders in the real estate business. Hard work and the zeal to be better are the factors that have contributed to his success. Todd hopes to continue offering better alternatives that enhance the customer needs and are budget friendly. He will custom his business models to adapt to technological advances in the future.

Todd studied at Syracuse University School of Arts. His stellar career in the finance and real estate industry began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He has also worked at Legacy Financial Group.

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