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Ronald Fowlkes

The tactical gear industry carries a plethora of products that are designed for individuals who practice tactics and strategy. This field covers the military, law enforcement, public officials, the government, security and even hobbyist who are hunters, paintball aficionados, etc. Tactical gear can include vests, boots, goggles, helmets, and tools that are used in saving lives and for general safety design. Individuals who train with tactical gear consider these products as life saving gear, like armor carriers, belts, weapon cases, chest rigs, harnesses, packs/bags, pouches/pockets, slings, and holsters. These varied types of tactical gear clothing will sooner or later help to protect the wearer in harsh environments. Eagle Industries is a premier leader in top quality tactical gear products.


Eagle Industries manufacturers, supplies, and produces various tactical products like holsters, rifle cases, gear bags, weapon slings and a great deal more. The Eagle Industries products carry a reputation for using the best materials and the strongest hardware anywhere. Their products must pass a rugged testing system in order to meet stringent tactical industry specifications and the dogmatic quality inspection of their top expert Ronald Fowlkes. Ronald Fowlkes joined Eagle Industries Unlimited in 2008 and leads its tactical gear productions into modern day innovations. Mr. Fowlkes is a distinguished war veteran who is now the development manager of tactical defense systems. He oversees the department of law enforcement and commercial products.


Mr. Fowlkes supervises the departmental teams on the proper use of tactical gears to ensure that the company is producing the best for military and law enforcement personnel in the U.S. and internationally. He also conducts product education to the company’s sales personnel, he travels making customer calls throughout the U.S., while demonstrating how tactical gear saves lives. Ronald further manages the product selections for sale and development.


Ronald Fowlkes has an impressive military and law enforcement background beginning with this promotional stint in the United States Marine Corp from 1989 to 1993. He received a military honor medal for his leadership in the Gulf War, he has radio encryption skills and skills as a modular universal laser equipment operator. Mr. Fowlkes worked for the Department of Defense in Iraq with the U.S. Army, with duties that included infantry operations in a combat zone, hostage rescue, post-blast analysis, tactical questioning of captured individuals, and more.


Fowlkes has also had a rewarding 13-year career with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis County Police Department. He led and taught SWAT teams in Urban warfare tactics, rifle testing, and defensive tactics.


Because of his meritorious tactical background career and innovative leadership and management skills, Ronald Fowlkes amassed additional global partnership contracts for Eagle Industries. Currently, Ronald Fowlkes lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and children. For a hobby and an interest which he loves, Ronald serves as a part-time sports instructor.


Sussex Healthcare: Better Services Expected With The Appointment Of New CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare company from the United Kingdom. It is a company that was established in 1985 to deal with the issues that affect the healthcare industry, especially in caregiving to the special groups in the society.

Sussex healthcare is committed to giving the best healthcare services to the people in their 20 care centers. Sussex Homes was established on the basis of providing more than just medical treatment. They aim to give everyone in the community a chance to live a healthy life which includes emotional, physical, mental and social health. With the services they provide, anyone seeking their services can be assured that they will get nothing short of the best. The company has everything needed to give the best care to their patients.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has invested in providing the best care. They have state of the art facilities which will enable them to live a good life, free of stress even if they are going through challenging time in life. The people who need the services of Sussex Healthcare are the disabled, the elderly, mentally challenged and those with learning disabilities. A huge number of the old people today are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer diseases. This situation has made the company focus on giving medical care that will help such people live a better life in their old age.


Sussex Healthcare has invested heavily in providing health care. They have trained their staff on how to handle the needs of each client. No one client needs are treated in the same manner as any other. Each case is treated with the uniqueness it deserves. The treatment in this facility is therefore specialized and designed to handle individual needs of patients. The staff in the company are educated and continues to pursue education so that they can remain updated on the developments in the industry. The healthcare industry is dynamic. The caregivers need to know what is happening in the industry and this can only happen when they take refresher courses on caregiving.

Sussex Healthcare is committed to providing the best care to their patients. In an attempt to make their services even better, they have appointed a new CEO who has worked in the healthcare industry for a long time. The new CEO is expected to help the company as it restructures its operations. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO comes to the company with experience of about three decades.

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Sussex Healthcare Announces Amanda Morgan-Taylor As New CEO

In the healthcare industry, finding the right CEO can be a tricky task. Companies must find someone with a good business sense as well as an extensive background in healthcare. For Sussex Healthcare, finding the right CEO was their highest priority. And they recent selection of Amanda Morgan-Taylor shows that Sussex Healthcare is looking to make big moves in the healthcare delivery service.

With extensive experience in managing healthcare organizations in the past, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was an obvious top choice for Sussex Healthcare. Miss Taylor brings over three decades of experience in the healthcare field. And her expertise will help Sussex Healthcare continue to provide high-quality service to all of their facilities.

Working with the management team as well as the staff, nurses, and physicians, Miss Taylor will play a critical role in ensuring that each and every patient receives the best care. That includes residents as well as the non-resident patients who receive rehabilitation services from Sussex Healthcare.

Among the duties of Miss Taylor include ensuring that the staff is kept up to date on their training, inspecting each facility to ensure compliance and coordinating with the Joint Chairmans, Dr. Shafik Sachedina BDS as well as Mr. Shiraz Boghani FCA, on the goals and the long-term vision of the healthcare company.


Sussex Healthcare is the premier healthcare delivery company with facilities and locations all over the Sussex area. The company received its accreditation for Health Quality Service in 2002. Since then, the company has received additional recognition and accreditation related to the company’s performance.

The primary service officed by Sussex Healthcare is the care for older people. In addition to elder care, Sussex Healthcare also offers Dementia Care, Neurological Care, as well as personalized care for people with learning disabilities. With a trained staff of specialist, Sussex Healthcare is able to offer a wide variety of long-term care to those who require specialized needs.

Sussex Healthcare facilities include Beechcroft Care Centre Norfolk Lodge, Orchard & Boldings Lodge, Beech Lodge, Wisteria & Stable Lodge, White Lodge, The Laurels, Horncastle Care Centre, Kingsmead Lodge and Rapkyns Care Centre. New Sussex Healthcare CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor will work closely with the administrator of each facility to ensure top quality care for each patient. As the need for long-term care grows, Sussex Healthcare will be ready to serve the community of Sussex for decades to come.

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